Career Day

Every two years, the Alumnae Office sponsors the AMR Career Day, where alumnae with different areas of expertise and professional backgrounds offer students from 9th through 12th grades a comprehensive orientation about the jobs and careers available in today’s professional world. Students benefit by learning the various educational requirements and different job opportunities related to specialized career fields.

Alumnae interested in participating as speakers for a specific area should contact the Alumnae Office by email at They should include their curriculum vitae, area of expertise, and availability.

Mentoring Program

The Alumnae Office, along with AMR’s Student Services Department, offers a Mentoring Program, which allows students from 10th, 11th, and 12th grades to obtain direct experience in the day-to-day work of a specific field. Our alumnae serve as mentors for an agreed period of time. The students participate in this program during the academic recesses. At the end of the shadowing period, the alumnae mentor certifies that the student has satisfactorily completed the program, and the Student Services Department proceeds to include this information in the student’s transcript.

Since the students can participate from 10th to 12th grades, we encourage them to shadow in different work areas as these various experiences will help them in their future career selection. We have over 4,100 alumnae in different areas of expertise, who are eager to mentor their María Reina’s Little Sisters. All students interested in participating should visit the Alumnae Office during school hours to obtain the application. The program is completely on a voluntary basis and at no cost.

We encourage alumnae, as well as current students’ parents, to become mentors. If interested, please visit the Alumnae Office, or contact us through our email:

Grandparents Day

Every year we invite the grandparents of all our seventh graders to visit our school. We coordinate a half-day visit where they can share with their granddaughters a school day with special activities, such as breakfast, a prayer and class participation. It’s a very special day for all of them!

Maria Reina llega a ti

We have many alumnae living abroad. Some of them do not have the opportunity to come to Puerto Rico as often as they would like or be able to participate in our activities. The AMR administration, the Alumnae Office, and the Alumnae Association have developed a special activity called Maria Reina llega a ti. We coordinate activities in the cities where we have the largest number of alumnae to meet at a nice afternoon gathering.

We look forward to having these reunions once a year during the spring semester.

Alumnae Hall

Alumnae Hall is a project designed by architect Ilia Rios ‘91 that allows alumnae to leave their footprint at Academia Maria Reina and, at the same time, contribute to the AMR Scholarship Fund. This project consists of floor tiles arranged in a wave design in the hall that goes from the entrance of the school to the Auditorium. The tiles are of different colors and sizes, and prices vary according to size. The alumna’s name and graduation year appear on the tile. Tiles can also be bought by families or groups of friends. If you are interested in participating in this project and contribute to the AMR Scholarship Fund, please contact our office.

Women Empowerment Campaign

As part of our upcoming 50th Anniversary activities, we will be launching a fund-raising activity to contribute to the AMR Scholarship Fund. We invite all of our Alumnae to participate in this campaign by giving a $ 50 contribution per alumna to reach our goal of 1,000 donations for a grand total of $ 50,000. This will give the opportunity to a talented student in financial need to have an education of excellence at AMR.

AMR Professional Network

Starting the fall of 2016, members of the AMR community will have the opportunity to access an application called AMR Professional Network. The purpose of this network is to provide both a service and a tool, a means to promote your business at no cost while developing clients among members of AMR stakeholders.

In the AMR Professional Network, you can promote your professional office or business within the AMR community (parents, AMR personnel and alumnae) in a very easy and secure way. This application will include all registered alumnae from PR and the United States.

Christmas Homecoming

The Christmas Homecoming takes place in the Auditorium every year the Sunday before Christmas. It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends, classmates, the Sisters of St. Joseph, and AMR professors. We are looking forward to see you this next year! See the Photo Gallery for last year’s pictures.

Mom & Me Breakfast

We currently have 94 students that are daughters of alumnae. Every year we coordinate a breakfast for our alumnae mothers to share with their daughters who are enrolled in AMR. We are all very proud of our girls.

Christmas & Coffee Shop

The Christmas Coffee Shop is our Christmas Bazaar held in AMR’s Sports Center. Over 50 exhibitors participate in this event, including jewelry, clothing and gift stores. It is the perfect opportunity to start your Christmas shopping!

Senior’s Welcome Breakfast

Every May, we organize a breakfast activity to welcome the graduating senior class as alumnae.