Art Program

The Art Program is offered as a progressive five year program (grades 8-12). By the end of the first semester of their senior year, students already have a portfolio to present to Design Schools, as part of their admission requirements. Portfolios are available in both physical and digital formats. Seniors will also have everything necessary to present for AP Studio Art: Drawing Exam.

  • Introduction to Art
    • Basic drawing, painting, and engraving techniques, as well as formal critique and appreciation of a work of art.
  • Drawing
    • Usage of diverse techniques in traditional drawing and the development of the concepts of composition, color, form, and model drawing, in both dry and aqueous media.
  • Painting
    • Theoretical and technical study of painting, through projects in still life, landscape, portrait and contemporary art.
  • Experimental Drawing and Painting
    • An opportunity to experiment with non-traditional media, such as coffee and wine, and non-traditional mountings, such as aluminum paper and wax paper.
  • AP Studio Art: Drawing
    • Production, organization, and assembly of a personal portfolio for submission to the College Board for college credit.