CSJ Education Mission Statement

The educational mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is rooted in the mission of Jesus, who came to bring the reign of God by revealing God’s love and by healing, redeeming, and liberating all people. The unique way in which the Congregation is called to this mission is through inclusive love which brings about union and reconciliation.

The mission and tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is characterized in a unique way by our:

hospitality and caring community

concern for all without distinction

addressing the needs of the times

striving for excellence in all endeavors

making a difference in the local and world community


As we move toward the next millennium, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood seek to empower and form educational communities, which will be:


committed to an inclusive love which recognizes the dignity of all persons

appreciative of the riches of our multicultural society

responsive to the principles of social justice, especially the needs of the poor and women

faithful to non-violence as a way of life

reverent and respectful of the earth and all creation.


As an educational community, we strive to embody this mission in all of our activities, especially in our practices, policies, and methodologies.

 We call each CSJ educational community to witness this mission.

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