Welcome to Development AMR!

The Development Office seeks the resources needed to assure that AMR remains the exceptional educational institution that it is today, raising funds for financial aid and scholarship programs, facility development, program enhancement, and school enrichment.

The generosity and efforts of our parents, alumnae, corporations, foundations and friends have strengthened our programs and allowed us to conceive and implement new projects. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

Because of your donations, we can make real the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. They allow us to enhance our school program, ensuring that AMR continues to be a school of excellence and helping us serve the needs of our students in this new century.

No gift is too big or too small; every gift matters. We are deeply grateful to all our sponsors and donors – our projects are only possible with your support.

AMR is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit institution under the U.S. and Puerto Rico tax codes.

Thank you!

We raise funds for

  • Scholarship & Financial Aid Programs
  • Capital Enhancement/ Facilities Development
  • Art Program
  • Athletics
  • Science Program
  • Technology

Our Partners

  • AMR Families
  • Alumnae
  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Foundations