Theory and basic skills in different sports, such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, softball, track and field, soccer, bowling, and ping pong, among others.

Concepts of calculus (functions, graphs, limits, derivatives and integrals) and experience with its methods and applications. Encourages numerical, analytical, and verbal expression of concepts, results, and problems.

Appreciation of writing as a creative instrument. Offers students the necessary tools to effectively write in English.

Creole, fusion, international, and gourmet food preparation.

The use of diverse techniques in traditional and experimental approaches to drawing. Uses dry and wet media.

Interdisciplinary course in the study of the relationship of humans and their environment, the dynamics of natural ecosystems and human intervention, both positive and negative.

Performing dance techniques and styles, such as Latin/Funk, Street Dance, Contemporary Experimental Dance, among others. Ends with the staging of an original choreography.

In-depth use of traditional mediums used in the basic course, such as acrylic, watercolor and oil, plus use of non-conventional mediums such as coffee, wine, and shoe polish, among others in non-traditional bases such as tin foil, wax paper and sandpaper.

Appreciation of film as an expression of the contemporary world.

Initiation into the study of French language and culture.

More complex grammatical structures and a greater development of oral and written expression; continues the study of French culture.

More complex grammatical structures and a greater development of oral and written expression; continues the study of French culture.

Study of grammar, subject-verb agreement, increased oral and written fluency, exploration of universal values through the study of literature.

Oral and written expression through the critical analysis of literature. Emphasizes the use of all verb tenses integrated into diverse situations.

A wide variety of practical knowledge and techniques to work with a diversity of materials and applied arts, such as mosaic, hand sewing, custom jewelry, decoupage, scrapbook and tie dye.

The use of specialized computer design programs to develop basic skills in digital media.

Basic and intermediate Hip-hop techniques and derived styles. Includes an end-of-the-year design and coordination of a choreography, applying the learned technical elements.

Composition, levels of organization and functioning of the human body. Includes developing affective skills to promote the care and protection of the body.

Basic skills and techniques of drawing and painting. Formal appreciation and critique of works of art.

The different areas of business administration  (management, marketing, finances, economy and accounting) and how they are inter-related in the real world.

Basic movement  skills, such as coordination, change of direction, balance, strength, and visual skills, developed  through games and other physical activities. Includes the rules and basic skills of basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer and softball.

Basic principles and descriptive elements of sociology; the how’s and why’s of group behavior.

First time exposure to the study of Italian oral and written communication, balancing vocabulary, grammar and culture.

Intermediate level. Emphasizes the development of oral and written communication and knowledge about contemporary Italian society.

Active and creative practice in the use of previously acquired language skills. Emphasizes supplementary readings, oral expression and advanced writing.

Basic and intermediate jazz dancing techniques. Includes the design and coordination of a choreography presentation.

Skills related to the use of productivity tools and multimedia management (video, sound, and images). Includes drills to prepare students for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification in Outlook and the ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) Certification in Photoshop, Premiere, and Soundbooth.

Skills related to the productivity tools available in Office 2010/Office 2013. Includes drills to prepare students for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification in the program of their choice, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The theory and techniques of painting, including color and composition, through projects in still life, landscapes, portraits and more contemporary approaches.

Emphasizes physical strengthening through aerobic and anaerobic exercises, such as free weights, Swiss balls, bands and exercise machines, among others.

Application of algebra, geometry and trigonometry to the laws of movement and other aspects of mechanics.  Also explores other themes such as optics, wave theory, electricity, magnetism and thermodynamics.

Operations with real numbers, algebraic expressions,  graphs of different  functions, study of the property of functions, trigonometry functions and their applications. Requires the use of a graphic calculator.

Practical introduction to the fundamental principles of English oratory.

Acting techniques for the staging of an acclaimed contemporary drama.

Media representations of women at present and how this representation impacts culture; also examines the evolution of the image of women in media.

Breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises and techniques.

A liberal arts approach to youth culture and its influence on literature, language, politics, social media, cinema and music.