Professional Network

Welcome to the Academia María Reina (AMR) Professional Network!

The purpose of this network is to provide both a service and a tool; a means to promote your business at no cost while developing clients among members of AMR stakeholders.

In the AMR Professional Network you can promote your professional office or business in a very easy and secure way within AMR’s community: Parents, AMR Personnel and Alumnae. You will have the benefit to access the network information you might need in PR or in the US.

The business information will respond to searches by City, State, Business Area and/or Occupation. Even though we cannot guarantee immediate response or preferred treatment, you can identify a professional from our community who we trust will try to do their best to assist you.

If you want to have the opportunity to promote your business in the AMR Professional Network, please access the following link to submit your business information. We have predefined codes for business areas and professions to help in the search process. It is important that you select the code that best defines your profession.

Should you need further assistance or information, please contact Angie Chaparro- Development Office AMR at 787-764-0690 x 254/

We want to support all members of our community!

            AMR will not be responsible for services provided by these professionals.