Scholarships & Financial Aid

As a Catholic institution following the educational mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY, AMR is deeply committed to attending the needs of our times, responding to the principles of social justice, and collaborating with the education and formation of the Puerto Rican woman.

To fulfill these goals, AMR has established a proactive financial aid program designed to bring an education of excellence to talented girls of limited economic resources and to bring financial assistance to families and students within our community who find themselves in need.

AMR’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Program

  • Formally established in 1998.
  • Fund restricted toward scholarships and financial assistance.
  • Provides scholarships to talented students from the public school system.
  • Provides financial assistance to students from the private school system who are in financial need.
  • Provides financial assistance to AMR families who find themselves in a financial emergency, such as loss of job and physical disability or loss of parent or guardian.

Scholarship Program

Identification and Selection Process

  • Process starts in September each year, evaluating sixth graders students interested in a scholarship opportunity.
  • Area public schools, parents and alumnae refer students with outstanding academic achievement.
  • An assigned committee visits area public schools. Those students referred by the school’s principal or social worker take a diagnostic test.
  • According to the diagnostic test results, approximately 15 students are invited to the tutoring program offered by AMR professors, which runs for 5 consecutive Saturdays, intended to prepare the students for the Examen Cooperativo.
  • The selected students then take the Examen Cooperativo. When results come in, a committee selects the candidates for scholarships.
  • The candidates, along with their parents, are then interviewed by the AMR Scholarship Committee, which makes the final decision. The AMR Scholarship committee includes AMR’s President, AMR’s Principal, AMR’s Psychologist, members of AMR’s administrative staff, members of AMR’s Board of Directors, and community representatives.
  • For more information related to the Scholarship Program, please contact Development Office at (787) 764-0690 ext 254.

Financial Aid Program

To request financial aid or some type of help with payments, the family should

  • Complete the application for financial aid at Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc (FAIR)
  • FAIR application cost is $30 and can be paid with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Financial aid is only granted for tuition.
  • Send additional documentation to as specified in the Instructions and Requirements for Financial Aid form.
  • Once the student is enrolled and all documents received, the application will be evaluated by a committee.
  • The committee awards financial aid based on need.

Requirements to Maintain Financial Aid

  • Spotless behavior and conduct.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7
  • Integration to the school community
  • Membership in AMR’s clubs, organizations, or sports teams.
  • Community service
  • Family commitment

Achievements of the Scholarship and Financial Aid Program

  • One to two full scholarships granted per grade level.
  • Partial financial assistance granted on a regular basis.
  • Payment plans considered.
  • Books and uniforms provided (according to availability).
  • Students from the Scholarship Program have graduated with honors and an outstanding overall performance.

Sources of Income for the Scholarship and Financial Aid Program

  • Corporate Sponsors
  • Alumnae Office and Alumnae Association
  • Foundations
  • Families/Individual Sponsors
  • School Activities, such as the Wine and Food Tasting, Golf Tournament, Alumnae Bazaar, Walk-A-Thon, Mother and Daughter, and Father and Daughter