Academia María Reina promotes the spirituality and tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph through different activities, liturgies, prayer services, and experiences that will complete the education of its students. We also believe in supporting the spirituality of the adults in our community and, therefore, offer religious opportunities for them as well. These include workshops sponsored by alumnae and held in the school chapel.


Every student, from seventh to twelfth grades, participates in a one-day retreat. The Peer Ministry group, composed of eleventh and twelfth graders, work during the year to design and offer retreats for their younger peers. The junior and senior retreats are prepared by the Religion Department. All these experiences complement our students’ religious and human formation.

Weekly Mass

A weekly community mass is celebrated in the school chapel at 7:10 AM on Fridays. Students and faculty are encouraged to actively participate in this celebration, which may focus on special community needs and intentions.

Special Liturgies

The school observes the different liturgical traditions and principal celebrations of the universal Church, as well as special occasions for the local culture and school community.

  • The beginning of the academic year is marked by a mass for the entire school community.
  • At Christmas, the traditions and religiosity of Puerto Rico are commemorated in a Misa de Aguinaldo.
  • During the Lenten season, the school community participates in a variety of activities, such as Ash Wednesday mass and a weekly Lenten prayer service, that promote the importance of prayer and reflection.
  • Throughout the year, a variety of other special activities are offered, such as masses to celebrate Puerto Rican week, the feast of St. Joseph, the Resurrection, Graduation, and the Ring Ceremony.