Develops creativity and enables the production of original works of art. Members’ projects are often used to enhance other activities sponsored by AMR.

Bi-annual Spanish literary magazine, develops students’ creative writing skills.

For students with special interests in agriculture. Take care of school orchard.

Students learn culinary skills in a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity

Group study of the game to improve checkmating skills and compete in tournaments.

Musical voice education and exploration of music; offers two public concerts each year.

Practice of the French language through conferences, musical performances, movies, and field trips to museums and restaurants.

Practice Italian through conferences, field trips, movies, and songs.

Develops computer literacy through in-depth knowledge of computer systems and applications.

Extra opportunities for book lovers to discuss their leisure reading.

Practice in jazz, ballet, salsa and merengue; school performances throughout the year.

Improves the local environment in the areas of water, energy and waste management. Affiliated to the Organización pro ambiente sustentable (OPAS) and to the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Support and spiritual group created to respond to the desire of a group of students that wanted to share their faith outside the classroom setting. Committed to the service of the school community through a variety of liturgical ministries.

Develops mathematical ability and skills; participates in various contests. Seventh and eighth graders receive specific preparation for the annual Math Counts competition.

Develops verbal expression through theatrical performance of contemporary and original literature; participates in the Liga de Oratoria en Español annual competition.

Guidance for experiencing a special encounter with Jesus. Collaborates in the organization of school retreats and liturgies.

Explores the elements and principles of design in the art of photography.

AMR’s yearbook, entirely planned and produced by eleventh and twelfth grade student members.

Bi-annual English literary magazine, develops students’ creative writing skills.

Improves English vocabulary and spelling through participation in local and national competitions.

To create awareness of women value

Develops and designs Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills .

To develop physical, mental and spiritual practices.