Statement of Philosophy

Academia María Reina is a secondary level private Catholic school. It is dedicated to the development of its students in both the intellectual and spiritual aspects, so that they may continue on to higher learning and project genuinely Christian values. The Academia is directed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Brentwood, New York, who, in collaboration with a group of committed lay persons, strive for academic excellence in an atmosphere of generosity, peace, and joy.

The words of the Puebla document of the Latin American Episcopal Conference serve as a background to the philosophy of the Academia:

Education will be much more humanizing to the extent that it opens more to transcendence, that is, to truth and the Supreme Good. Education humanizes and personalizes the human being when it achieves the full development of his thought and his freedom, making these bear fruit in habits of understanding and communion with the totality of the real order by which man himself transforms society and constructs history. ( Puebla 1024 – 1025 )

The primary purpose of the Academia is to foster the students’ search for growth in their faith, communicating to them the conviction that God invites them to live and love guided by the principles of Jesus Christ.

Recognizing life as a gift from God and the innate ability of each individual to learn, it is a fundamental goal of the Academia to stimulate good judgment and critical thinking, which are essential elements of a thorough education.

The parents, as first educators, are committed to initiate the educational process of their daughters. The faculty and the administration, by means of their academic competence, dedication, and life testimony collaborate with parents in the continuation and enrichment of this process, facilitating the good course of the educational effort.

Academia María Reina, conscious of its philosophy, aspires to shape a young Christian woman, faith-filled and having a social commitment based on peace and justice. An AMR graduate is a woman leader who responsibly participates in the transformation of the social realities of Puerto Rico, thus occupying her corresponding place besides men to help build a better world.