Women Empowerment

Academia María Reina is celebrating its 50th Anniversary jubilee! To honor this momentous occasion, and encourage the young women of Puerto Rico, we, the AMR Alumnae Association, have challenged ourselves, and thus all of you, to raise $50,000 for the AMR Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund. This will allow us to help ensure the intellectual and educational development of bright, talented, young Puerto Rican women.

You are part of our history. Now, we invite you to become an active part of our future. Participate in our campaign, Women Empowerment and just like a tree’s roots provide stability and nourishment, let us be that foundation for future generations of young women. Let’s help girls walk the path we once walked on and become women.

Our immediate goal is simple. 1,000 AMR alumnae donating $50.00 or more each.

Join us and become part of this incredibly special Project, Women Empowerment — AMR’s 50th Anniversary. We are proud to participate and create a brighter future for coming generations. As the African proverb goes:

 If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family…a nation.

AMR will have a big celebration event during the Spring 2017 semester and it will be at this event that we will present the funds raised.

We are counting on you. Thank you for your support!

You may send your donation via  PAYPAL or regular mail at:

AMR Alumnae Office, Urb. College Park, 1879 Ave. Glasgow, San Juan, PR 00921.

If you wish to use your credit card, please call (787) 764-0690, ext. 258 or e-mail us at: exalumnas@mariareina.com.

In order to adequately record your donation, please include your full name and year of graduation with your payment.

Thank you!